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Writers Resources

     This Writers Resources Page is being developed to help writer's expand their craft and market their work. It will provide links to valuable websites and information sources for writers and list books worth examining. If you know of sites and resources that could be added, please send it to me on my contact page.
                                                                            P. Pennington Douros


To access the website information, click on the name of the resource.

Writers Net, www.writers.net/resources.php---
Information on writing craft, editing, marketing, genres, events, etc.

Writers Digest, www.writersdigest.com---
Free information from one of the leading writing publishers.

Wildfire Book Marketing, www.startawildfire.com---
Free articles and tips for marketing your books.

Book Marketing. www.bookmarket.com---Lots of free book marketing information from John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.

Writers Destination, www.writersdestination.com--- free tools, articles and tips, and a  forum.

Writers Resources,
www.writersresources.com---an online resource site for aspiring and professional writers, journalists and editors, providing information, tips, tutorials, and news.

Every Writers Resource, www.everywritersresource.com---resources for writers on book publishing, writing, literary magazines, poetry, fiction, literary magazines, book publishers, and more.

For Writers, www.forwriters.com--- resources on markets, agents, writers groups, writer conferences, and forums.

Writers Network, www.writernetwork.com---a place for writers and poets to share their writing, get constructive feedback, and interact with other writers.

Novel Writing Help, www.novel-writing-help.com---filled with valuable tips on writing novels.


Excellent books to help you market your books:

1001 Ways To Market Your Books, by John Kremer, Open Horizons, 2008

How To Make Real Money Selling Books
, by Brian Jud, Square One
 Publishers, 2009

Sell Your Book Like Wildfire
, by Rob Eager, Writers Digest Books, 2012

Get Rich Click!
The ultimate guide to making money on the Internet, by Marc Ostrofsky, Razor Media Group, 2011

Writer’s Market Guide to Getting Published,
Writer’s Digest Books, 2010

The Complete Guide to Book Marketing
, by David Cole, Allworth Press

Guerilla Marketing for Writers
: 100 weapons for selling your work, by Jay Conrad Levinson, Writer’s Digest Books

Self-Publishing For Dummies, by Jason R. Rich, Whiley Publishing, 2006

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